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"Welcome to Morffis Studio - Where Professional Musicians Come to Shine!"

"One of the most highly appraised Places of Ajax in the 'Education' category of Nicelocal."

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Pride in Our Numbers  & What People say

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Fitzroy L

"Vlad is an amazing and talented instructor that teaches with care and passion. He's been teaching our now 10 year old for the past 2 years. We've been so impressed that my 6 year old is about to start her musical journey with him as well."

Christine G

"Vlad is a wonderfully gifted music teacher. My daughter is taking violin lessons with him and is truly enjoying the experience. I’m very impressed with how much she has learned already. He keeps the lessons fun, interactive and engaging. I highly recommend him."

Fiona Z

“Vlad is awesome. He has a great communication skills and has been very patient in teaching my son piano. Vlad has the ability to make one feel comfortable in their ability and is always challenging student to be better. I like that he is a professional and understands the steps it takes in becoming a good piano player. He is a very trustworthy teacher and we are lucky to have him to teaching my son Piano.”
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